Friv Game Zombies

Zombies games

  • Zombie Riot
    Zombie Riot

    Survive from the zombie riot! Gather survivors by saving them from buildings full of zombies! Put your survivors strategically to defend against the zombies’ attacks.

  • Gunfire Echoes 2
    Gunfire Echoes 2

    Gunfire Echoes is the first 3D shooter with tower defense elements and achievements! 6 Complete Levels with Epic Boss Battles!

  • Give Me Title, Before AFK
    Give Me Title, Before AFK

    It’s to dangerous ! A zombie detect in my house yard. You just need to… Run !

  • Resident Devil
    Resident Devil

    shoot all evils along the way.

  • Zombie Soccer
    Zombie Soccer

    Play soccer and try not to get caught by other zombies. Don't let them touch if you haven't got any power.

  • Ben 10 Alien Zombie Shot
    Ben 10 Alien Zombie Shot

    Ben 10 is driving his tanked motorbike with a machine gun on the back of motorbike that can shoot at any direction. The Zombie are attacking on the land and they bite everyone on their path. Help Ben10 kill all the zombie by collecting green energy to upgrade his motorbike.

  • Zombie at the Gates
    Zombie at the Gates

    It's horrible that zombies are at your gates! In order to survive, you must build flying castle and leave the danger zone full of zombies. Try to collect more resources. The more you collect the more quickly you will build the Flying castle and leave the zombie zone. The more boxes you will destroy the more quickly you will be able to buy better weapon. The Flying castle also will help you to kill zombies. Don't forget to collect and use stars to upgrade your abilities (speed, lives and magnet).

  • Zombie Massakrah
    Zombie Massakrah

    Awesome zombie shooting game. Play rainbow levels in between dark levels with real guns. Blast 'em!

  • Zombie Rescue Timez
    Zombie Rescue Timez

    A family hit the road after a zombie outbreak, only to find themselves stranded in a forest full of the undead! Good thing Kid found you and has setup ground traps all over the places. Your task is make the zombies hit the road literally to kill them with your traps. Bring the human down too and get them to safety. Click on a wooden block to remove them make physics do its work! Be careful of your stamina as you have limited amount of clicks per level.

  • Death Cabin
    Death Cabin

    Get ready for a horrifying old-school adventure. Can you handle all of these terrifying monsters?

  • Fire The Zombies
    Fire The Zombies

    Now your job is to kill all the zombies which are going crazy in your city. Survive for as long as possible by shooting the zombies without getting hurt. You upgrade your health with the coins at the end of each level.

  • Zombie Army Madness
    Zombie Army Madness

    Unleash your zombie troops, turn enemy into zombie ghost, let them attack opponent graves and become the king of graveyard!

  • Toxie Radd
    Toxie Radd

    Stay alive as you blast the zombies with multiple guns. Manage your health to stay alive as you move

  • Here to Collect
    Here to Collect

    In the old west, zombies were as dangerous and annoying as they are today. Unfortunately, your 19th century firepower IS old - so you'll need brutal skills to avoid joining the Undead!

  • Zombies Want My Bike
    Zombies Want My Bike

    Jump just right over gaps as you blast threw zombies. Pickup powerups to gun them down without harm.

  • Big Pixel Zombies
    Big Pixel Zombies

    Shoot the zombies and buy guns and armor with your kills. Don't get backed into a corner!

  • Zombies In My Temple
    Zombies In My Temple

    Something has gone terrible wrong at a remove excavation site, all the surviving scientists gone nuts and zombies are roaming everywhere! Find hidden items to get upgrades, use 5 kinds of weapons against 4 challenging bosses and get to the source of the zombies deep inside the ancient temple.

  • Dead Tread
    Dead Tread

    Climb into your monster truck, rev your engine, and run down those angry zombies in this fast paced racing game. Who said there wouldn't be any fun when the zombie apocalypse comes? Buckle Up

  • Awesome Zombie Exterminators
    Awesome Zombie Exterminators

    Drive down the road and shoot down zombies! Buy upgrades to you car and weapons and continue your quest! Avoid other cars as you try to exterminate all of the ugly dead walkers.

  • Riverside

    Loosely based on The Sagittarian. This story takes place in the same event, but a different location, with different characters.

  • Fly Zombie Fly 2
    Fly Zombie Fly 2

    Launch the undead ragdoll through the air in this zombtastic sequel to Fly Zombie Fly! Try to get as far away as possible from the gallows and use the money to buy upgrades, such as fire extinguishers, rockets and parachutes, to help you het even farther! Can you make it all the way through the various levels?

  • Sista Gunner
    Sista Gunner

    Maya curse wakened the zombies!They all came to a peaceful county....Take up your gun and shoot!!!