Friv Game Undead

Undead games

  • Toxie Radd
    Toxie Radd

    Stay alive as you blast the zombies with multiple guns. Manage your health to stay alive as you move

  • Big Pixel Zombies
    Big Pixel Zombies

    Shoot the zombies and buy guns and armor with your kills. Don't get backed into a corner!

  • Zombies In Da House
    Zombies In Da House

    Zombies have taken over the city. Defend yourself til rescue arrives or be bombed with the zombies.

  • Best Battle Pixel Royale
    Best Battle Pixel Royale

    Play this first person shooting game, Best Battle Pixel Royale. This 3D multiplayer game will gonna test your shooting and survival skills. Create a room and filled it with zombies. Set the number of players in the room and select from team deathmatch to deathmatch. Every time you kill a zombie you'll earn money. You'll use that in purchasing weapons and customizing your character. Be the toughest as you rank up and be above from all the rest of the players!
  • Crazy Combat Blocky Strike
    Crazy Combat Blocky Strike

    Play this fun multiplayer first-person shooter game, Crazy Combat Blocky Strike with friends and see who will emerge victoriously. With cool sets of weapons from pistols to machine guns, anything will be crazy as it will get! It may be blocky, but the action is always intense. Join in the room and test your shooting skills. Compete in Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch or even Zombies, it's all up to you! Can you dominate the game or will you be dominated?
  • Grave

    Shoot and kill zombies everywhere.

  • Ninja Kot
    Ninja Kot

    As Ninja Kot, you have to survive against endless hordes of zombies. At your side, you have 3 weapons, and an upgrade system, based on experience points.
  • Stay Alive
    Stay Alive

    Stay alive as you blast the incoming waves of monsters. Earn money to buy more powerful weapons.

  • Autumn War
    Autumn War

    You command the red units. Kill the green units. Select units by clicking on them, move them by clicking on the ground and attack enemies by clicking on them. You can attack enemies with crosshairs on them especially the ones that come in contact. Watch out for the number of units in the squad, you don't wanna be left alone. You can also buy vehicles and guns. Advance your line to the enemy's line to win the mission. Are you ready to give commands?

  • Zombies in the Shadows - 20 to Die
    Zombies in the Shadows - 20 to Die

    Survive for 20 minutes in this great looking top-down shooter. Grab health and upgrades for guns.

  • Night Exorcist
    Night Exorcist

    Kill the creatures of the night.

  • Robotron 2084sh
    Robotron 2084sh

    Shoot the monsters and collect the humans. Don't let the monsters attack the humans. Levels get hard

  • ZomBears

    ZomBears are on the prowl, and it's up to you to defend the base!

  • When the Plague Came
    When the Plague Came

    Defend your position as you gun down different types of zombies. Upgrade your guns and defenses.

  • Diesel Valkyrie VS Undead Reich
    Diesel Valkyrie VS Undead Reich

    Kill the undead with your valkyrie vehicle.

  • Zombie Baseball
    Zombie Baseball

    Undead zombies attacked your home and you do not have any other weapons but the baseball bat. Your wife is throwing the balls as the pitcher from the balcony and you have to hit the balls precisely so that those hit the zombies. Stop as many zombies as possible by hitting them with the baseballs. First let the ball to hit the ground to bounce up and then hit it accurately to hit zombies. Try to hit the zombies’ heads to cut them off with the ball for double score. Use A key to hit the ball with your primary bat and press S key to use the secondary bat which would not be available at first.

  • Smiles

    The goal is to crushes all the smiles.. except the red one! You can reach that, so simple with click on the smiles. Click as fast as you can, because they are falling down, and you will miss the points with every missed smile. So be fast and watch out on the red ones, if you click 3 of the red smiles, you lose.
  • Fantasy Battles
    Fantasy Battles

    Fantasy Battles is a cool and very fun 3D strategy game in which you simulate epic battles against the undead. At the beginning of each level, you can spawn units on your side of the battlefield. Each unit has specific strengths and weaknesses. Use strategic formations to achieve victory.
  • The Living Dead
    The Living Dead

    They rose from the dead and they are here to rip you apart.

  • Robots vs Zombies
    Robots vs Zombies

    The soviet AI is back! Evil corrupted masterminds have found a new way into his base, a zombie plague has started! You have to defend once more from possessions from the undead. Utilize your skill tree with your hero, use turrets and traps against the invasion!

  • Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse
    Mass Mayhem Zombie Apocalypse

    Protect your bunker, upgrade your weapons and go on crazy zombie killing spree!