Friv Game Side Scrolling

Side Scrolling games

  • Spider Stickman 6 Struggle
    Spider Stickman 6 Struggle

    Help the struggling stickman, trough his toughest challenge! and see what will happen in the end.

  • Cartoon Hero
    Cartoon Hero

    Hunt down the gangs of Monster and be the Cartoon Hero.

  • Zombie Massakrah
    Zombie Massakrah

    Awesome zombie shooting game. Play rainbow levels in between dark levels with real guns. Blast 'em!

  • This Bunny Kills 3
    This Bunny Kills 3

    Fight off the bunnies as more and more come at you of harder difficulty.

  • The Revenge of the Rusher
    The Revenge of the Rusher

    Rush Lee must take down the Blitz Botz that invaded the NFLZ

  • Kimono Kim
    Kimono Kim

    Grab your weapons and fight enemies in this jump timing sidescroller shooter.

  • Super Action Adventure
    Super Action Adventure

    Lead a team of super heroes to protect the earth.

  • Sparks And Dust
    Sparks And Dust

    Jump up and attack your enemies in this foggy world. Grab all the coins you can.

  • PAKOUR 2.0
    PAKOUR 2.0

    Jump over obstacle duck under wall while collecting points.
  • Nemo's Revenge
    Nemo's Revenge

    Help Captain Nemo retrieve the Nautilus' power source before being eaten by killer fish.

  • Wings of Rage
    Wings of Rage

    Do a series of dangerous mission for the safety of your country.

  • Tomatazos

    Fire at the fruit so that they become ice cream and smash the tomatoes with a hammer.

  • Crusade of Cuisine
    Crusade of Cuisine

    You can pick between 2 type of ship : The frige and the Fish. The Fridge is generally tougher and recovery HP. It can summon chicken, pigs and flaming cow. The Fish is faster and recovery SP over time. It can summons the Pink Fish, Dolphin and swordfish.

  • Red Fighter
    Red Fighter

    Fly your airplane and blow away all the enemies that are coming toward you. They fly towards you.

  • Broom

    Broom is an addictive pixel racing on a wilde endless highway. Beat your Best Score using your super fast reflexes. Pixeled and Minimal Arcade Game: simple to play, impossible to win! Start racing now.
  • Princess Goldblade And The Dangerous Waters
    Princess Goldblade And The Dangerous Waters

    Princess Goldblade must fight against dangerous waters in a classic jump and run game! Gather diamonds and protect the princess against different creatures lurking in the waters. Find the most logical solutions and test your speed, accuracy and reactions to master all levels in this fun jump and collect game.
  • Metal Slug Rampage 3
    Metal Slug Rampage 3

    Episode 3 of Metal Slug Rampage and Metal Slug Rampage 2. Fight and shoot your way though a sea of commandos in this awesome 16-bit style shooter.

  • Flying Ninja
    Flying Ninja

    A Help kakashi Fight all the ninja and protect konoha from it.

  • Penguin Warriors
    Penguin Warriors

    Cut up your enemies as you swing your sword in this sidescroller. Larger enemies appear in hordes.

  • Swifty Simon
    Swifty Simon

    When you hear the whistle, be throw a bag to the next customer. But watch out for obstacles along the way. Running into things will cause your energy bar to decrease. Tip: Bottles and hearts will replenish your energy bar, so pick them up! Also, pick up money for points.

  • Brave Plane
    Brave Plane

    Piloting the fighting plane, free the world from air invaders in the game Air Mission. Your plane is equipped with fighting weap

  • Alien Splatter
    Alien Splatter

    This is basically just a little tribute to all those hard as nails action platformers we all know from the NES era.

  • Alloy Arena
    Alloy Arena

    Play this awesome robotic game! Have Fun!

  • Raider Jones
    Raider Jones

    A sidescrolling, cavern exploring game with spiked wheels and other objects to avoid.