Friv Game Running

Running games

  • Rushback Jack
    Rushback Jack

    Run to the right and come back before the 60 seconds are over. If you succeed score will auto submit at the end. Good rush. Arrows or wasd to move.

  • Cardboard Box Assembler
    Cardboard Box Assembler

    Wrap your brain around the six sides of a cube in this disorienting puzzle game as you guide Melvin through his own mental breakdown. In a twisty 3D world where gravity is relative, Melvin must collect keys and gems to unlock increasingly confusing levels as he journeys into the darkest parts of his mind. For you that means more than 30 levels of sanity-bending platforming puzzles, and the satisfaction of helping the poor guy find himself.

  • Sp**d

    A retro one-button puzzle platform game. There is only one button - (mouse or space bar) that can guide you to the exit. Get to the exit on each level as fast as you can.

  • Hurdles Race
    Hurdles Race

    Race against your opponents and jump over the hurdles to win the race and become world champion

  • Gamerboy

    Run! Jump! Dodge the evil mum's punches. But watch out for the lava! Try to get mum to hit the red platform, then jump on the red platforms to make them fall on the evil mum. Don't forget to check on the ground for the hand's shadows.

  • LightFur

    A little runner game about a small creature that is attracted to light. Help him to find his way through the dark and dangerous forest and eat as much shine as possible!

  • PAKOUR 2.0
    PAKOUR 2.0

    Jump over obstacle duck under wall while collecting points.
  • Keyboard Cowboy
    Keyboard Cowboy

    A cowboy is running in the desert. You help him to jump by pressing the right letter on the keyboard. Keyboard Cowboy is like a standard jumping game but with a twist! The button used for each jump will be shown to you. You'll start with a single letter, but every so often, a new button will be introduced! The desert will also become harder to manage as the game progresses so get used to those keys quickly!

  • Johnny Upgrade
    Johnny Upgrade

    Johnny Upgrade is a cartoon super hero with no powers at all! Collect coins to be able to upgrade his skills and to master a big arcade level and its boss in this action/upgrade game mashup!

  • Ninja Rush
    Ninja Rush

    In Ninja Rush, run around the castle to slay all enemies you see. Reach and defeat the boss at the end. Avoid arrows and sneak up on your enemies just like a ninja as much as possible.

  • Santa Runner
    Santa Runner

    Explore, Jump through Platforms and avoid falling. I wish you a merry Christmas, have fun!
  • Invisible Runner
    Invisible Runner

    Invisible Runner brings a new concept to the platform genre. The player will need to bring his best reflexes and intuition to complete the 25 levels.
  • Indiana Jones Cave Run
    Indiana Jones Cave Run

    Help Indiana Jones to run faster and faster! Hold the mouse button to Jump. Hold longer to jump higher! Collect coins and don t fall! Hold the mouse button to Jump. Hold longer to jump higher! Collect coins and don't fall!

  • Job Runner
    Job Runner

    Make it to the interview in this Run and Jump action game! Travel through the city as fast as you can to catch buses and trains on your way.

  • Escape from Aztec
    Escape from Aztec

    Run as fast as you can. Avoid tree trunks, boulders and ancient ruins. Switch lanes, jump and slide your way to freedom. Collect treasures along the way to purchase power ups.
  • Battle Ram
    Battle Ram

    Ram your way through enemies (and avoid boxes) to get as far as you can!

  • Run For Souls
    Run For Souls

    Run through the fields of dead full of enemies and obstacles.

  • Run Right
    Run Right

    Apocalypse is happening... NOW! Time to run right with dinosaur, bicycle, and shotgun at your side! Shoot the measly humans for gold, use that gold to buy upgrades so you can keep running! Use your jetpack when the jumping gets too hairy but don't use too much fuel! Run all the way from San Francisco to New York for ultimate survival!

  • Tom And Jerry Halloween Run
    Tom And Jerry Halloween Run

    Halloween night Tom continued chased Jerry. You help jerry run quickly to escape the Tom cat.

  • Myth Runner
    Myth Runner

    Run far as you grab books and dodge chairs and vending machines. Get far enough to transform.

  • Hero Roof Top
    Hero Roof Top

    Hero Roof Top is an interactive game that lets you control a character in which he will jump above the roof tops. But be careful, there are lots of obstacles that needs to be avoided such as pile of boxes, spilled water, etc. Enjoy!

  • Phil Fill fast
    Phil Fill fast

    An entertaining, high impact PARODY on junk food advergaming. Help Phil smash through health billboards to get to the burger factory! Beware of too much soda and burgers! Warning, game play may be addictive! Enjoy.

  • Duck or Jump
    Duck or Jump

    Duck or Jump the new rage on the internet! Its a fun old school 8 bit arcade game. Can you handle the stress in this pixel game?