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Romance games

  • Geek Magnet
    Geek Magnet

    Dodge the geeks and kiss the hunks.

  • Emily's Diary: Sweet Flirting
    Emily's Diary: Sweet Flirting

    You can always find cute and interesting guys at the ski resort and that’s why Macie never gets bored there.

  • Audrey's Valentine
    Audrey's Valentine

    Love is in the air! Audrey is so excited that she will be spending Valentine's Day with her boyfriend. Help her have an unforgettable night. Give her to get an awesome outfit, then dress him up for this magical night and choose some beautiful flowers to impress Audrey.
  • Where Adabanas Grow
    Where Adabanas Grow

    Get the man of dreams in ancient China.

  • Romantic Dinner Date Makeover
    Romantic Dinner Date Makeover

    Brenda is having dinner with her boyfriend at one of the best restaurant in the city. They are been dating for 2 years and she has the feeling that he might propose to her during the dinner! Could you help her with the makeup and choose the most beautiful dress and accessories for the night? Have fun!

  • Happy Valentines Day-Maze Game
    Happy Valentines Day-Maze Game

    Get ready for a Heart collect with all of your efforts. Move among the given space and collect all the hearts among the limit.Your score will increase with the hearts you collect.Your final goal is to the touch Flower Valentine Heart and Valentine Gift Box.You can hold on the Flower Valentine Heart solely when aggregation all the hearts. As presently as you bit the Flower Valentine Heart and Valentine Gift Box you progress on to ordered levels.Valentine Gift Box are going to be concealing if you collect all hearts and Flower Valentine Heart then solely coin get highlight.

  • Monica the Mannequin
    Monica the Mannequin

    A short visual novel-ish, dating sim game with a mannequin girl named Monica.

  • Lovely Stella Kissing
    Lovely Stella Kissing

    Help Stella from winx club kiss without getting caught. Use mouse and click on boy or girl for them to kiss.

  • Valentines Day Shelly Dress Up
    Valentines Day Shelly Dress Up

    A Valentine themed dress up game where you get the girl ready for a fun Valentine day.

  • Kitten Love Kiss
    Kitten Love Kiss

    When love is in the air, peace fills the road. Help these cute little kittens to enjoy love by exchanging kisses, without being stared at!

  • Pizza Passion
    Pizza Passion

    Pizza Passion is totally addicting action game fun. Taste the passion fresh out of Love's oven. Toss away to pizza heaven!

  • Hi My Love!
    Hi My Love!

    Lisa and Nick are so in love with each other. This Valentine's Day, they ordered the best restaurant for dinner. Now they are busy dressing up. Could you give them your advice? They will be the most adorable couple! Have fun!

  • Flappy Cupid
    Flappy Cupid

    Flappy Cupid is fun flapping html5 game suitable for all ages. Fly as long distance as possible and have fun. Happy Valentine!
  • Sweet Room Kisses
    Sweet Room Kisses

    It is very Funny. You can kiss yo girlfriend all the time at sweet room

  • Tough Love Machine
    Tough Love Machine

    Connect the two hearts.

  • Romance Flower
    Romance Flower

    He loves me, he loves me not...Take nature's quiz to see if your crush is meant to be!

  • Kiss at Thanksgiving
    Kiss at Thanksgiving

    A kiss is just a kiss. Or is it? This thanksgiving you are with your lover. And as all lovers know, the magic starts with that first kiss. So what exactly happens in order for that perfect first kiss to become intoxicated ? Kiss the girl without getting noticed by others. You have to fill the kissing bar before times run out, at the same time you have to do it without being noticed by others. Have a fun!

  • 1st Kiss
    1st Kiss

    Help the lovers to kiss in the park without getting noticed by the other persons and fill the heart with sweet kisses before the time get ends. If anyone stares at them while kissing one life will be reduced. You have 3 lives for a level. Explore all the levels to score more points.

  • Carwash Kiss
    Carwash Kiss

    Love is in the air at the car wash. You are running a car wash business and a new guy just showed up from school. Work your magic as your try to place a kiss without getting caught!

  • Future Girlfriend
    Future Girlfriend

    This game is a short visual novel so it involves a lot of reading. You have to make choices to progress through the story. Follow the story of Hannah and her boyfriend John as she travels back into the past to save their relationship. She is accompanied by her best friend Clarice.

  • Chubby Kiss
    Chubby Kiss

    Help Joe and Jade to kiss in the park without getting noticed by their friends and fill the bar with sweet kisses before the time. If anyone stares at them while kissing one life will be reduced. You have 3 lives for a level. Explore all the levels to score more points.

  • Die Hard to Kiss
    Die Hard to Kiss

    You have got to kiss your lover who is in a scary location, far away from you. But remember, it’s a scary location and the related characters will trouble you too. Do not get kissed by the devil character, for you will get changed into a skeleton and turn into ashes. Go through all the levels.
  • i saw her too, with lasers
    i saw her too, with lasers

    The sequel to i saw her standing there. Desperate to find a cure, a mad scientist has captured two loving zombies in his laboratory. Control the laboratory lasers with your mouse.
  • Twilight Triangle
    Twilight Triangle

    This game adapted the movie series on the cinema. Don't contain the realty. But very naughty game. You should do something and kiss the other boy. It's very funny and naughty. Play the game as soon as possible and you'll fall in love with it.