Friv Game Racing

Racing games

  • Truck Riders
    Truck Riders

    Race against opponents and win prize money! You can buy some upgrades and unlock new trucks in the shop

  • War Of Racer
    War Of Racer

    It is the year 2077 A.D. and races have become violent and mean, as normal races no longer entertain the human kind. In this game you are one of the hyper car pilots participating on a death race where everything is allowed and everything is possible. Grab some laserguns, mines and bombs and blow up your competition to finish first!

  • Spiderman Strike Racer
    Spiderman Strike Racer

    Lizard's evil henchment are causing havock throughout the city. Use your strike racer to ram them off the road. Watch out for the civilian cars. Hitting them will take points off your overall score.

  • Dirt Road Race
    Dirt Road Race

    Venture yourself into the off-road “jungle” and impose your supremacy as a dirt-road, 4x4 car driver, learning to handle all that intense speed and to control your massive vehicle while doing your best to eliminate all your rivals off the highway!

  • Crazy Racers
    Crazy Racers

    Pumpkin demand has gone through the roof! It's now the most sought after vegetable in the entire World, and it's up to you to get them delivered safely! Navigate your lightening speed Crazy Racer through the vegetable patches of the World; collecting pumpkins, flipping opponents, and dodging the many mad farm animals that have escaped on the way...

  • Phineas and Ferb
    Phineas and Ferb

    In this funny cartoon style racing game you can design your own racing car by pushing the several car parts together. Once done you can take out your new car and race on the topdown race track against a smart computer or another player opponent.

  • School Bus Racing
    School Bus Racing

    The school bus drivers have decided to have an incredible race and they have asked you to join in.

  • Hurdles Race
    Hurdles Race

    Race against your opponents and jump over the hurdles to win the race and become world champion

  • Ebog Race
    Ebog Race

    Drive your Ferrari on 5 fantastic tracks.

  • Formula 1 Champion
    Formula 1 Champion

    Control your Formula 1 car with the arrow keys and try to reach the first place in 3 laps by passing the other cars.

  • English Bus Racing
    English Bus Racing

    A total new race game with a English Bus, try it now and become a winner!

  • Go Go Ufo
    Go Go Ufo

    Four player racing action with mini UFO contestants.

  • RedLine Pong
    RedLine Pong

    This is a simple pong game, in which your task is to hit the ball, like in classic arkanoid games, but in this game you are hitting shapes which falling, not a wall. Move your mouse and don't let the ball or many balls fall down. Try to reach the highest score in this one-tap easy-to-learn addictive game.
  • Storm ATV Racing
    Storm ATV Racing

    Winter it's here so if you are up for a snow racing challenge, we got the perfect game for you. Prove your skills in this new winter driving challenge. Use arrow keys to balance and drive the unlocked ATVs. The game offers 10 intense and addicting levels ,so do your best! Speed up and jump over obstacles on your way.And try to land safe and make it to the finish line. After each 3 levels won on first place you will unlock a new better and faster ATV. Be the best driver from the game, and have fun!

  • London Cabbie!
    London Cabbie!

    Fink it’s easy being a cabbie in London do ya? Well, I’ll tell you what sunshine, why don’t you ’ave a quick go and see ’ow you get on?

  • Smugglers Line
    Smugglers Line

    Drive your smuggler train loaded with profitable commodities as fast as possible. Get out of the chasing car from the police. Try to speed up, launch missiles and use your shotguns to deal with the attacks from the police. Good luck!

  • Scooby BMX Action
    Scooby BMX Action

    Race against the ghost and reach the finish line in 1st place to unlock other levels and collect Burgers and hotdog bonus while riding, Good Luck!

  • Mayhem Racing
    Mayhem Racing

    Let to start with race.Choose the car you want the most, and the track which you like ,press the gas pedal and win the track.
  • Naruto Dead Valley
    Naruto Dead Valley

    Naruto driving motorbike in death valley. You can help naruto by use arrow keys to finish game

  • Bob the Racer
    Bob the Racer

    Bob the builder is ready to race with his amazing moto fiends. Select your wheels and race against your opponents in 10 exciting levels.

  • Scooby Doo Fast and Fury
    Scooby Doo Fast and Fury

    Time to race between Scooby and Shaggy! Collect balloons and rings with specified counts and reach the destination by avoiding obstacle found on the air and surface.

  • Full Auto Mayhem
    Full Auto Mayhem

    This is a very cool racing game! In Full Auto Mayhem, you can upgrade your car with powerful missiles and other weapons, if you are not the first you are dead! Try to beat all opponents!

  • Death Delivery
    Death Delivery

    Death Delivery: In this game your task is to deliver loads from the helicopter to the arsenal. Travel the dangerous Mountain path, without losing your bomb ! See how well you can drive the truck.

  • Kaizen Racing
    Kaizen Racing

    Drive your way to success make a record and break it and also every after lap you must do some maintenance to your car. Also remember time is at the essence do it as fast as possible.