Friv Game Flower

Flower games

  • Pick 'n' Align
    Pick 'n' Align

    Arrange the flowers, fruits and vegetable with the reference of the image given.

  • Happy Sunflower Girl
    Happy Sunflower Girl

    Shirley has a lovely garden which is full of sunflowers. She loves to grow them because sunflowers are grand, magical and cheering! Shirley enjoys the sunlight with them every day; it is like a happy ritual!

  • Flower Catcher
    Flower Catcher

    Move the teddy bear to catch flowers. Avoid leaves otherwise your score will get reduced. Based on flower size, score will be calculated. Try to catch maximum number of flower type in given time duration.

  • Flower Store Sale
    Flower Store Sale

    Owning your own flower shop is a wonderful experience! You start and end everyday with beautiful smells and it's like a therapy! Well, I love being presentable for my customers as much as I love my shop, too! So, why don't you spare some time to style me for my customers? I'm sure we will have fun!

  • Big and Small
    Big and Small

    Release the lotuses from darkness.

  • Flower Pots
    Flower Pots

    This little girl must collect all the flowers. Take her through this adventure and help her get all of the flowers.

  • Flower Click
    Flower Click

    Flower click is the mouse skill based game to check how fast you react. Click all the flowers that appear as fast as you can. Try to get as far as possible in the game. If you miss even one second you may fail to finish the level. Good luck enjoy!

  • Dancer Pictures
    Dancer Pictures

    Dancer With Butterflies Pictures - Images For Free - Colouring a dancing girl and butterflies and try to get the beautiful picture. Coloring pages - Print and color. Coloring games for kids.

  • Dora Loves Flowers
    Dora Loves Flowers

    Dora is a florist at heart and she loves arranging flowers in vase so much. Now, let's join her in the garden, choose the most beautiful flowers and arrange them. I know flower arranging is an art but the art is easy to master when you follow instructions right?

  • Yamina's Honey Garden
    Yamina's Honey Garden

    Yamina has a huge garden and decided to use it for beekeeping. She has no idea how to do that, so she asks for your help and expertise. Create the perfect environment for the flowers and the bees, and start producing some honey! Sell it to earn money, and upgrade your garden. Yamina will have a huge success thanks to your help!

  • Garden Collapse
    Garden Collapse

    Your aim is to destroy the flowers as soon as possible before the timer turns off. Same colored flowers explodes when the comes near to each other.You can drag the flowers to possible vacant locations. In higher levels, there are elevator and Laser beams to help You.

  • Bee Of The Weeks
    Bee Of The Weeks

    Show everybody how busy you are and become "Bee of the week" by collecting as many flowers as possible. Collecting as many smiling flowers as possible in the correct order will give you extra points.Use the mouse to control the little bee. Collect the smiling flowers to get the maximum of points. Avoid all other insects. Collect as many smiling flowers as possible in the correct order to make combos and get extra points. Solve all levels and make all combos to get access to the bonus level.

  • Floral Prints Dress Up
    Floral Prints Dress Up

    You can never go wrong with floral prints. Help this young lady dress up for today's party.
  • Feed Me
    Feed Me

    Bite the environment and drag yourself through the green house.

  • Alley Fighter
    Alley Fighter

    The Alley's Will Run Red as You Plow Through Hoards of Enemies!

  • Bear Coloring
    Bear Coloring

    Get paint brush and coloring dancing bear under the rainbow. Many colors to paint and have fun.

  • Save Honey
    Save Honey

    Avoid all the flying bees going towards you.

  • Fast Food Rush
    Fast Food Rush

    Ray and Tina are friends who decided to find a job for this summer. As every one knows, the food industry is very stressful and people get mad pretty quickly. Your main goal is to serve as many customers as possible and collect the money before a customer gets mad and leaves. The game offers the easy and hard mode. Hope you will enjoy!

  • Smiley Drop
    Smiley Drop

    Pick up flowers on your way down. Move right or left and keep falling down.
  • Farm Away
    Farm Away

    Are you ready to manage your own farm? Just choose one of 4 terrains and plant anything you want: watermelons, pumpkins, strawberries, raisins, tomatoes, eggplants, bananas, coconuts… There are many choices and the best part is that you won’t need to wait to see your plants growing! Decorate your farm as you like; don’t forget to place your cottage and a cute pet.

  • Romance Flower
    Romance Flower

    He loves me, he loves me not...Take nature's quiz to see if your crush is meant to be!

  • Mini Kids Room - Hidden Object
    Mini Kids Room - Hidden Object

    In this game you have to find out the objects which are hidden in the picture. For each accurate click, score will get increased and for wrong click, score will get reduced. You have a minute of time to find the hidden objects.