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Educational games

  • Mad For Penguins
    Mad For Penguins

    Find the matching penguins and learn penguin facts.

  • Alphabet Strokes
    Alphabet Strokes

    Click the correct number of strokes shown below for the the letter that appears at the top.Click before the time ends,otherwise a life ends.

  • Save Punyu
    Save Punyu

    Save all the sea turtles aka punyu from those vicious pirates! Direct your drones by solving the math problems and rescue the punyus and release them to the sea where they belong.

  • Math vs Bat
    Math vs Bat

    Bats are invading your castle, and the only way to fend off them is to solve Math problems. You can choose from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or a mix of the three. Solve the math puzzle on time and shoot, before the bat pass the dotted line.
  • Learn English for Spanish Native Speakers
    Learn English for Spanish Native Speakers

    Learn english fast, for spanish speakers. This HTML5 web app contains a variety of mini quizzes, such as image word association, basic sentence construction, word pairs, and more. The methods used are based on cognitive science and educational research psychology. They include active recall and spaced repetition. The questions adapt automatically to the user's performance.
  • Ben 10 Mathrix
    Ben 10 Mathrix

    Hi,kids, are you good at maths? If you get the right answer, the little warrior will turn to super hero. Can you keep him as a super hero?

  • Famous Painting Parodies
    Famous Painting Parodies

    Even if you are good at art studies, it doesn't mean that you know who has painted the "masterpieces" shown here. But if you look closely, you will probably notice familiar features which can give you the cue what this painting really is.

  • Spot Five: Friends
    Spot Five: Friends

    Spot the 5 differences that can be found in each of these scenes. The theme of the game is that all the scenes are about friendship and show people hanging out with their friends. Look carefully to spot the five differences.

  • Chinese Lemon Chicken
    Chinese Lemon Chicken

    Help Abuela cook her delicious dish.

  • Alphattack

    Protect your houses from the bombs by typing the letters that appear. Destroy the bomb by pressing the corresponding letters on the keyboard

  • Statetris

    Stack the countries in their actual location as they fall from the top of the screen!

  • School's In Session
    School's In Session

    Get ready for the school with Mickey and the gang! The teacher has put together three assignments that you can play in any order you want. Any time left over at the end of an assignment will be added to your score. If you answer all of the questions in an assignment correctly, you earn bonus points. Once you complete an assignment, the teacher will highlight it on the Main Menu. When you finish all three games, you can look at your grades by clicking the result button. So, put on your thinking cap and get a good grade!

  • Math Lines
    Math Lines

    Destroy ball by forming pairs that add up to 10.

  • Math Shooter
    Math Shooter

    Practice and polish your math skill by shooting! Relax and enjoy shooting numbers in beautiful undersea scene. More than 80 math quizzes in 5 levels.Shoot correct answers to pass simple math quiz in 10 seconds.

  • Follow the Line
    Follow the Line

    Follow the Line is an easy and simple game that is perfect for killing time. This endless game is all about the pink circle. Move it and follow the white path. The game will increase its speed, so it's going to be very challenging as you progress with this game. Play this game now and start following the line!
  • Geography Game : Africa
    Geography Game : Africa

    Identify all countries of Africa.

  • Sophias Ice cream
    Sophias Ice cream

    Create your own delicious ice cream sundae and decorate it with help from Sophia. Unlock special chocolate dip presents by matching three ice creams to the pictures by clicking on the unlockable button next to the garbage bin.

  • Know your fruit
    Know your fruit

    The quiz about fruit is finally here and not just about any fruit like an apple or a peach. No no it contains exotic fruit like dragon fruit and such. Play the quiz now and set an exotic highscore.

  • PicTrix Math
    PicTrix Math

    A very special game for kids. Carry the falling picture pieces at exact place to make a full photo. You need to adjust it at right place before it falls on a base.

  • Operate Now: Arm Surgery
    Operate Now: Arm Surgery

    This woman has broken her wrist! Follow the instructions and operate on your patient!

  • Kitty Princess Salon
    Kitty Princess Salon

    Magic mirror on the wall who is the fairest one of all? So what do you think? Yes, this adorable kitty princess is the fairest one of all. Her fur looks perfectly white and fluffy and her eyes sparkle like two tiny diamonds. Play this fun hair game and discover her beauty secrets! She's at the beauty salon and needs your help to shine as a true princess. Wash her fur, use a special shampoo for kitties, cleanse and brush it. Cut her nails and at the end dress her up as you like most!

  • Word Hunter
    Word Hunter

    Fly and collect the letters to complete the given words.

  • Famous Movies Parodies
    Famous Movies Parodies

    The Famous Parodies game is back! Now with parodies from the most popular movies of all time. Can you recognize the movies behind the parody? Look closely at the drawings. Select the right answer between the 3 options. Find the 4 hidden tickets for extra movies and don't forget to find the 3 hidden stars too! Are you a movie enthusiast? Prove yourself in Famous Movies Parodies!
  • Moon Type 2
    Moon Type 2

    An amazing type game that's out of this world! Type the words that are by small and large ships to destroy them before they impact on your moon.