Friv Game Drawing

Drawing games

  • Summer Couples
    Summer Couples

    Draw and match as many summer couples as you can!Draw a line connecting two or more tiles of the same kind You can draw everywhere, but only over tiles of the same kind

  • Build Princess Castle
    Build Princess Castle

    Build Princess Castle is a fun game in which you need to create and design your own castle. Choose a design you want for your castle and color it the way you wanted. Also, dress up this cute princess and make her the prettiest princess for your castle. Be creative and have fun!

  • Amazing Latte Art
    Amazing Latte Art

    It's amazing how artists can draw fascinating pictures using milk on a cup of coffee. Guess what! You can do it, too! Connect the dots by sequence in due time and a beautiful picture would appear in your coffee cup! Sounds interesting? Play this fun game and enjoy your Latte art!

  • Da Bomb
    Da Bomb

    In Da Bomb, you are a young soldier and your goal is the demining of bombs in a factory. Be careful, you are limited by the time. There is a total of 20 bombs to defuse. With the virtual pen, draw the path to the bomb for the soldier.

  • Crazy Scrat
    Crazy Scrat

    Guide the Gift to scrat in each level by creating a path with your mouse. Be smart though, the path won’t stick around for long!

  • Magic Pen 2
    Magic Pen 2

    Draw shapes and use the laws of physics to reach the target.

  • Free Rider 3
    Free Rider 3

    Create, share and play your own bike tracks!

  • Kings Troubles
    Kings Troubles

    Draw shapes to help the king from being hit or to fall when the cannonball is launched.
  • Cotse Paint
    Cotse Paint

    Cotse Paint is a fun way to let your imagination be free. Draw anything you want and be artistic in your own way.
  • Ship Control
    Ship Control

    Ship control is a delightful action/strategy game. Select and drag your ships to their loading zones,and don't make them collided.

  • Santa Claus Christmas Bike Adventure
    Santa Claus Christmas Bike Adventure

    Santa Claus Christmas Bike Adventure - Yet another Santa Claus funny bike adventure. Help Santa drive through all 10 levels. Use arrow keys to drive and hold ballance.

  • Line Racer
    Line Racer

    If you love racing games, but are getting tired of pretty much the same old. Then Line Racer is exactly what you need.

  • Planet Cruncher
    Planet Cruncher

    Use the mouse to move the on-screen pointer. Press and hold the left mouse button to draw circles. Draw enclosed circles around groups of matching planets. Collect crystals from the comets and from the matching planets. Large matches of 4 or more will reward a higher multiplier. A mismatch of different planets will create a black hole, Destroy the black hole by drawing a circle around it.

  • Tiger Numbers Fun
    Tiger Numbers Fun

    The cute tigers are playing in the entertainment park and take many photos. Help them to match the numbers so that the photos can appear. Come on, let's discover the secret of their photos!

  • Snow White Painting
    Snow White Painting

    Start coloring Snow White and her dwarves and play with the colors and have fun with it.

  • Bubbleflies Loop
    Bubbleflies Loop

    The bubbleflies are back again. Are you up for some wildlife action? Then pluck up courage and mess with the bubbleflies. Circle as many bubbleflies of the same color as you can. How many can you catch?

  • Animal Artist
    Animal Artist

    Let the animals walk on the canvas and make cool art work with their footprints. Pick one of the animals with your mouse. Draw a line on the canvas and see how the animal follows it! You can erase your painting with the squirrel or the elephant.

  • Sofia the First Face Painting
    Sofia the First Face Painting

    The Tattooing shop is open and Sofia the First walked in asking for a special thing in this Sofia face tattoo game. Place the tattoo and then start filling it with pretty colors.

  • Space Food Shop
    Space Food Shop

    You're working in an alien bar. Aliens will order food. The food will float in the air. Your goal is to circle the required piece of food. When you do it, the piece gets frozen for a while. That's when you need to take it with to the alien plate in the top right corner. The next thing is to select the same color of the plate as the client wants. When it's done, drag the plate with the food on it to the client. When a client has all he wants, he'll show you a yellow circle. When it happens, drag the client to the cashier to charge him.

  • Paper Golf 2 - EX
    Paper Golf 2 - EX

    Try to draw a line from your character to the golf hole in as few lines as possible.

  • Over Web
    Over Web

    Help the little spider reach his web.

  • Paper Quest
    Paper Quest

    Paper Quest game is one of the interesting puzzle games. Here you got a chance to play the well known puzzle game named Paper Quest. In this Paper Quest game all you have to do is find out the way to exit by facing some struggles...Have fun...,

  • Love Line
    Love Line

    The flowers fall and you have to make them reach the girl by making bridges with 3 lines. It gets harder as you advance.

  • Picking Bananas
    Picking Bananas

    Draw a line that will allow you to ride over it and pick up all the bananas and reach the exit.