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  • Oh cooking Donuts
    Oh cooking Donuts

    It is not just the cops that love doughnuts so in this Oh cooking donuts game you will love to see how easy they are to prepare and also how delicious they are. The best thing about it is that you will get to spend some awesome time with the main character from the animation called Home. He is a cute little alien that just found out that he loves the desserts we have here on earth and now it is time to meet up with him in this dessert cooking game with Oh. Make plenty of donuts to go around as they will be gone in a second once you take the first bite out of one and see how sweet and soft they are.

  • Chinese Princess Makeup Salon
    Chinese Princess Makeup Salon

    This beautiful chinese princess needs your help! Help her to get groomed and decide her traditional outfit as a princess.

  • Winnie the Pooh Dress Up
    Winnie the Pooh Dress Up

    Winnie the Pooh needs you help dressing up for the Halloween bash! Dress him up as his pals or something else!

  • Ariel Marine Biologist
    Ariel Marine Biologist

    Ariel is a beautiful mermaid and a princess. But when she became a human, she decided to pursue a profession that close to her heart - Marine Biologist. Dress her to look like a marine biologist and help her get her look that fits her profession.
  • Baby Elsa Hand Doctor
    Baby Elsa Hand Doctor

    Let us have a little bit of fun in this baby Elsa hand doctor game because she has injured it. We know how babies are, they love to snoop around and touch everything so now it is time to fix her hand up so she can start playing with toys again. You will definitely run into some problems if you do not follow the instructions that this baby care game has to offer. Also the office is well equipped so you have everything you need in order to make these procedures on poor Elsa. Try to keep her mind of the hand by making funny faces so she will laugh all the way through the treatment.

  • Shadows Of Mickey Mouse
    Shadows Of Mickey Mouse

    Find out the shadows in the form of Mickey Mouse head. Each picture has shadows of five head of Mickey. Every next image time runs faster. Use the mouse to click the shadows of Mickey's head. Have Fun!
  • Princess Sneakers
    Princess Sneakers

    I am absolutely sure that if we met Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and Mulan today they would not be wearing long poofy dresses and tight fitting high heels shoes that are too small. A person can't do anything in those clothes and today's princesses need to be able to get around and be active. That's why this game gives you the choice to dress the princesses in more realistic clothes for the princess on the go. What's more appropriate for a modern young princess than sneakers? Whether she is going skateboarding or running errands with a cup of coffee in her hands, a pair of sneakers is the comfortable and stylish choice!
  • Waking Up Sleeping Beauty
    Waking Up Sleeping Beauty

    Let's wake her up and make her ready. We need to prank her first and wake her up, then we will make her up. Lastly, we choose a nice outfit for her.
  • Elsa Halloween Spa Day
    Elsa Halloween Spa Day

    Halloween celebration is coming very close by. Everyone seems to be very busy in preparing for the celebration. Elsa is the only child in the family. She feels isolated and abandoned. Why don’t you join the young lass? She belongs to an aristocratic family. She has a big beauty parlor at home. All that you have to do is to adorn the lady with the pretty dresses after the spa. Brighten the face of the girl with your magical spa. Let your spa and makeover have the style of Halloween. Apply facial cosmetics on the face and rinse them off thoroughly using water. Adorn her with the contemporary hair-style. Make use of the cosmetics to the full. You are only person who is very kind towards Elsa. You are in the good books of the girl. This evening she is going for the Halloween celebration. Let her look ravishing and smart after the spa. If you want to come regularly to her abode, you are always welcome.

  • Princess in Africa
    Princess in Africa

    Princess Belle and Princess Jasmine are going to have a fun trip in Africa. To make their trip more exciting, they want to blend their fashion statement with the locals of Africa. Choose a nice African-themed outfit for each one of them.
  • Princesses Got Talent
    Princesses Got Talent

    Toon in for your favorite show of the season! The Disney Talent Show is starting and you should grab a chair and make yourself comfortable, because it's going to be epic! The judges have to decide if the princesses are talented enough to make it to the next round.
  • Princess Indian Gala Fashion
    Princess Indian Gala Fashion

    Princess Moana, Ariel, and Elena are going on an exciting trip to India! They chose to travel to India because this country offers a lot of beautiful sceneries. They can't wait for their trip and are already choosing their outfits for the said trip. They got tons of Indian outfits and they need you to choose the perfect outfit for them.
  • Sort My Tiles Little Mermaid
    Sort My Tiles Little Mermaid

    Complete a puzzle piece of Ariel together with Plunder.

  • Mickey Mouse - Tool Shed
    Mickey Mouse - Tool Shed

    Get the bone to the bucket in the most possible way.
  • Rudolph and Elsa in the Frozen Forest
    Rudolph and Elsa in the Frozen Forest

    You're greatly needed in Arendelle! Queen Elsa and her dear friend, Rudolph, have just managed to get out of the frozen forest, where they had got lost, and now they're both looking... awful. No one at the Christmas Eve ball, taking place right in Elsa's icemade castle, this very evening, will recognize them!!! So, quick get them some major makeovers (helping Elsa enjoy her facial beauty ritual to the fullest and giving Rudolph a head-to-tail grooming, too), then style them up for the glam ball, as well, getting them some Christmassy cute, respectively glam-dazzling festive looks!
  • Princess Fruit Hut
    Princess Fruit Hut

    This is the place where princesses like to hang out. The bestsellers of this fruit hut are fruit salads, fruit kabobs and fruit ice pops. The princesses comes and order food and drinks. You task is to serve everything. After that, dress up those cute princesses for the lunch! Have fun playing this game called Princess Fruit Hut where you have to cooking and dress up! Share your creations by posting it on your Y8 profile!
  • My Fair Cinderella
    My Fair Cinderella

    She's late for the Grand Ball help her dress up and make sure she's the prettiest girl at the ball.

  • Sort My Tiles Dumbo
    Sort My Tiles Dumbo

    Sort Dumbo out and let him fly through the sky.

  • Disney Wedding Makeover
    Disney Wedding Makeover

    Tina is huge fan of Disney movies and she loves Disneyland. So it's not a surprise that she want a Disney wedding. Now work as her wedding stylist and give her a cute Disney wedding makeover! For makeup, she prefers a natrual and elegant look. So pink, orange and light blue shades are what we are looking for. The wedding dress and accessories should be disney themed. There are plenty of cute choices for you. Enjoy!
  • Stylish Princess Cinderella
    Stylish Princess Cinderella

    Dress up princess Cinderella.