Friv Game Chess

Chess games

  • The 8 Queens of Death
    The 8 Queens of Death

    Easy. Just place 8 Queens on the board. Though, they may not cross each other!

  • Touch Chess
    Touch Chess

    Play a touch version of classic game chess.

  • Chess Strategy Beta
    Chess Strategy Beta

    War, Peace, Chess…

  • Diamond Chess
    Diamond Chess

    Remove those diamonds from the board. Click a diamond and then a lattice. If there is at least one way for the diamond going to the lattice, then the diamond will be moved to this lattice.Five or more same diamonds in a group will removed those diamonds.

  • Chess MineFields
    Chess MineFields

    Place the required pieces in the safe spots, you gotta have a good eye or you die! Great way to learn or improve your chess game!

  • Knight's Tour
    Knight's Tour

    Move the Knight. Collect a stone on each move. When you cannot collect any more stones the game is over!

  • 3D Chess
    3D Chess

    A regular game of Chess.

  • Pit Chess
    Pit Chess

    Pit Chess is a single-player puzzle game inspired by chess, as well as games like Drop7 and SpellTower.

  • ChineseChessJam

    Chinese chess board game.

  • Casual Mini Chess
    Casual Mini Chess

    Are you looking for a smaller, easier version of Chess? Try Mini Chess! Choose one of the three game modes available and Checkmate!

  • Totally Spies: Spy Chess
    Totally Spies: Spy Chess

    The Totally Spies team needs your help putting the Macho Trio in checkmate!

  • Black Knight
    Black Knight

    In this game you play only with the horse, but according to chess rules. Your task is to get to the square with the star. You will have to overcome many difficulties.

  • Chess Strategy
    Chess Strategy

    Real-time strategic game based on Chess.

  • Chess Tower Defense
    Chess Tower Defense

    Buy and move chess pieces in order to stop the enemies attack.

  • The Queens
    The Queens

    This game inspired by queen puzzle game in chess game. Simply game only contain 25 levels.
  • Draculaura Dress up
    Draculaura Dress up

    Do you like the animation 'Monster High'? I very like it! Monster High's girls are all so cute! In the game you can dress up Draculaura, a cute role of Monster High, choose dress, shoes, accessories, bags for her and don't forget a cute hairstyle. Have fun!
  • Alien Jump
    Alien Jump

    Alien Jump is a fun HTML5 game. It's simple yet a very challenging game that will test your fast reflexes. Move the alien from left and right. Make it fall directly on the platform and don't make it fall or get into blackholes. See how far you can go.
  • Motor Cross Nitro
    Motor Cross Nitro

    As stunt motocross driver use the ramps and make the amazing stunts so you can reach highest score. In each level you have new ramp and new way to finish a level.
  • The Running Dead
    The Running Dead

    The Running Dead is a small game with a high difficulty gameplay on you run to survive from zombies. To survive you can shoot and jump(or double jump) to avoid the various type of zombies including birds and wolfs.
  • Firey's Candy Bar Adventure
    Firey's Candy Bar Adventure

    You are Firey, you got a candy bar and you don't know how to unwrap it. So you are finding a way to unwrap it!
  • Monsterland 3: Junior Returns
    Monsterland 3: Junior Returns

    Senior and Junior are back and Junior is causing more mischief than ever before! Try to keep Senior awake as he is a lazy block who just wants to sleep all day and we want to have FUN!
  • Blue Hair Teen Girl Makeover
    Blue Hair Teen Girl Makeover

    These sweet teen loves trying on new clothes, so take her to the mall! There you can try on a ton of different styles, and from this angle, you'll love every look you create!