Friv Game Castle

Castle games

  • Ninja Aspiration
    Ninja Aspiration

    In the coordination game Ninja aspiration thou shalt the small and tubby Ninja help its mission in each level to pass. Try to collect all the Ninja stars and to show him the way to the exit. There are waiting a lot of cool gimmicks on you. If you need help, look at the solution video.

  • Zombie at the Gates
    Zombie at the Gates

    It's horrible that zombies are at your gates! In order to survive, you must build flying castle and leave the danger zone full of zombies. Try to collect more resources. The more you collect the more quickly you will build the Flying castle and leave the zombie zone. The more boxes you will destroy the more quickly you will be able to buy better weapon. The Flying castle also will help you to kill zombies. Don't forget to collect and use stars to upgrade your abilities (speed, lives and magnet).

  • The Tower
    The Tower

    Climb your way to the top of the tower! One event every 20m Miniboss at 100m.

  • Tower of Kanthor
    Tower of Kanthor

    Tower of Kanthor is a cool jump and run platform game. Help the pixel hero to battle his way through the fortress. Attack enemies and collect coins to purchase mighty upgrades. It´s your option to reach the top of the tower to defeat the evil leader at the end.

  • Build Princess Castle
    Build Princess Castle

    Build Princess Castle is a fun game in which you need to create and design your own castle. Choose a design you want for your castle and color it the way you wanted. Also, dress up this cute princess and make her the prettiest princess for your castle. Be creative and have fun!

  • Mystic Hunter
    Mystic Hunter

    You are in a mysterious castle. Can you find its hidden treasures?

  • Castle Fighters
    Castle Fighters

    Spawn an army of 8 different classes to destroy the Enemy Castle!

  • Save The Maiden
    Save The Maiden

    You're 'The Knight', the chosen one to save the kingdom by rescuing the princess who's being held as a prisoner in the Black Knight's Castle. Legends say that the castle is rigged with traps and the Black Knight's guardsmen will stop any trespassers.

  • Knights Castle
    Knights Castle

    Knights Castle is a defence game where you must protect your castle at all cost from the waves of enemies using your Valiant Knight, slay them all!

  • Heroes vs Dragons
    Heroes vs Dragons

    Protect the fortress by aiming and shooting at dragons. Upgrade the heroes for better war skills.

  • Castle Match 2
    Castle Match 2

    Match the pairs as quickly as possible.

  • Castle Smasher
    Castle Smasher

    Load up your catapult, aim and fire stones at castles on a quest to conquer the kingdom.

  • Tower Blast
    Tower Blast

    Aim and fire your cannon as you try to take out the castle and their cannon before they destroy you.

  • Attack From Prague
    Attack From Prague

    Survive as long as you can against endless waves of the evil golem army.

  • The Power of Love
    The Power of Love

    Love is the most powerful feeling in life, you should already know about that. This brave knight is able to tear down the castle so he can save his princess, in the name of love. Help him by upgrading his weapons and speed, making his path to love way easier than before.

  • Capture the Castle
    Capture the Castle

    Take over castles & villages as you send units out from each. Control feels incomplete.

  • Crush the Ships
    Crush the Ships

    Protect your kingdom from the enemy fleet. Earn gold to buy more ballistic weapons!

  • Twelve Towers
    Twelve Towers

    In this side view tower defense the world has been conquered by the evil forces of Orgak. But one hero steps forward to reclaim the Twelve Towers and restore peace. Learn and cast spells, develop your hero's skills, kill hundreds of foes, reclaim all twelve towers and become a legend.

  • Demonic Defense 4
    Demonic Defense 4

    The latest and greatest of the Demonic Defense series, with better graphics, more options, and tons of fun! Defend your castle from everything!

  • Epic War 3
    Epic War 3

    Defeat your opponents in battle to conquer every spot on the board. Build and upgrade your deck, form a strategy, protect your castle, and crush all who stand in your way!

  • Diseviled

    You are one of the Diseviled who are good at wiping demons.You're hired for different missions and quest. Finish it all, collect gems and coins. Unlock all the achievements!

  • The Enchanted Cave 2
    The Enchanted Cave 2

    Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as possible!