Friv Game Action RPG (Hack and Slash)

Action RPG (Hack and Slash) games

  • Maid of Venia
    Maid of Venia

    Go on a quest with a new heroine, eager for victory and fighting! In the age of the Maiden, Venia is full of light, and no darkness can threaten the order of the Belt. The Belt, a collection of generals, demigods and beast trainers, are led by the magic of the Maid of Venia. With the blessing of Orion, the Ory have come to bring peace and prosperity to all thirteen lands in Venia. With the Belt connecting the lands, the Ory have assured lasting peace to all who yield.
  • Tower of Kanthor
    Tower of Kanthor

    Tower of Kanthor is a cool jump and run platform game. Help the pixel hero to battle his way through the fortress. Attack enemies and collect coins to purchase mighty upgrades. It´s your option to reach the top of the tower to defeat the evil leader at the end.

  • Forgotten Dungeon 2
    Forgotten Dungeon 2

    Forgotten Dungeon is a hack-and-slash action RPG in the vein of Diablo. Slay skeletons, zombies, and other monsters as you explore dungeons. You will gain experience for each kill, and sometimes, enemies will drop items. When you level up, you can upgrade your strength, dexterity, intelligence, vitality, and spells. Increase your attack/damage and defense by equipping yourself with better weapons and armor.

  • Wasteland 2035
    Wasteland 2035

    It's the year 2035 and some parts of the world became wastelands after the apocalypse. You are one of the soldiers whose mission is to annihilate all the abominations which are the remnants of the past chaotic era of mutations. You need to obliterate a hundred of these monsters and still survive! The faster you finish the mission the higher the score. Act fast if you want your name to be posted in the leaderboard. Unlock all the achievements to add a bonus to your current score!
  • Battle Blades
    Battle Blades

    Battles Blades is a little Beyblades inspired RPG game .

  • Vilesteel

    Accept your fate as a warrior, defend the people against the evil forces and become the hero of Prounteril. Destroy your enemies using your powers with a bow, a sword or magic and become the greatest warrior. Explore ancient ruins, forests and caves in the search of the most powerful artifacts. Help the people of the region completing quests and defending them from the evil.

  • Savage Fight
    Savage Fight

    This game is a fight the barbarians with swords. In this one you can play with the computer as well as each other and look at a auto-battle of the barbarians.
  • Hero of Inferno
    Hero of Inferno

    Hero of Inferno is a Turned-based style game. Help Dante and his friends battle against the evil god and his minions. As you play learn combo, equip your heroes with ultimate armors and weapons.

  • Cardinal Quest 2
    Cardinal Quest 2

    Explore & fight in the pixelated RPG world. Find items & equip them to become more powerful.

  • Skeleton Gardens
    Skeleton Gardens

    Hack and slash your way through the Skeleton Gardens to fight off hordes of humans who are trying to destroy your trees. Collect seeds to plant more bones as you use your weapon to kill enemies mercilessly. Much fun!

  • Demons Down Under
    Demons Down Under

    Attack demons as a bunny in this top-down, RPGish fighter. Watch out for duplicating enemies.

  • Big Hero 6 Vs Skeleton
    Big Hero 6 Vs Skeleton

    The Skeleton Army will attack the human, big hero 6 resistance, destroy the zombie skull.

  • Rugby Extreme
    Rugby Extreme

    Kick the ball through the goal posts in Rugby Extreme. It isn't called 'extreme' for nothing. The opposing team has some unusual defenders guarding the goal. There are players with giant legs, flying supermen, and players equipped with backpacks. Wait for the right moment to shoot the ball past these players as they pass back and forth in front of the goal.
  • Ignis mortis
    Ignis mortis

    Ignis mortis. Always wanted to make a metriodvania alike game and i did this.A full game but no story.

  • Infinite Dungeon RPG
    Infinite Dungeon RPG

    Level up your fighting character with the best perks and attributes to keep winning tougher battles.

  • Pixel Pets
    Pixel Pets

    In Pixel Pets you get to feed vegetables to your cut pet monster and watch it grow and change shape. As it gets stronger you can explore the randomly generated caves, collect coins, and defeat evil monsters.
  • Cave Quest
    Cave Quest

    You dont know why you are in this cave. The only thing you should know is to escape there and kill everything you see.

  • The Enchanted Cave 2
    The Enchanted Cave 2

    Delve into a strange cave with a seemingly endless supply of treasure, strategically choosing your battles to gather as much treasure as possible!

  • Stick RPG Complete
    Stick RPG Complete

    Right from the get-go, you're beset with a multitude of alternatives; what statistics to concentrate on, where to find employment, and whether to abide by the law or to spit in its face! In StickRPG, you have the power to make choices that affect your stickman's life, and the results, unlike real life, are often hilarious, and often occur... often!
  • Guardians

    Guardians is a dynamic RPG,modernised with new game mechanics and high quality pixel art. Explore the city town and randomly generated dungeons. A massive ammount of swords, helmets, shields and armor, item shop and much more.

  • Rise of the Marshals
    Rise of the Marshals

    An amazing action game with some RPG elements and player choice that has a big impact on gameplay and story progression.