New Games

  • Neon Flight
    Neon Flight

    Neon Flight is a fun space ship game. Manage a ship and earn coins, which you can use to buy a new ship. Avoid black holes and obstacles. Unlock achievements to earn even more coins.
  • Supercar Wash
    Supercar Wash

    You own the famous garage in town and today you have given the task to make this used to be the best supercar the best car wash it can possibly have. There are four stages in restoring this one of a kind car. These are the cleaning stage, repairing, cleaning the interior and the decor stage. You need to perfectly execute the tasks to have the best result. Play this fun game now and unlock all the achievements and share your creation with others!
  • Outfit Competition
    Outfit Competition

    It's fashion week once again! Right now it's going to be the, Outfit Competition. Two famous models will compete in this contest. Dress them up and see which one will win the game!
  • Rival Rush
    Rival Rush

    Become king of the road and master all levels! In this racing game, it's all about your skills - navigate your way through heavy traffic at full speed. Dodge cars and avoid accidents at all costs. Keep an eye on other vehicles changing lanes and use gaps to your advantage. If you get hit more than 3 times, the game is over. Can you beat all levels with 3 stars?
  • Pirates of Islets
    Pirates of Islets

    ARGH! Pirates of Islets is a fantastic pirate adventure. Jump with Captain P' from islet to islet and carry off coins, power-ups and treasure chests filled with gold. Collect as many as possible on your way to the highest score and unlock new characters, power-ups and a new map. Prove your skills and show us a real pirate.
  • Kumba Kool
    Kumba Kool

    Join Kumba the ape in this exciting sidecroller and run, jump and fly with him through dangerous worlds to earn as many points as possible! Avoid obstacles and enemies on your way and try to go as far as you can. Collect coins for bonus points and pick up helpful power ups which transform your hero and give you an extra boost. Are you ready for the adventure?
  • Kawaii Chibi Creator
    Kawaii Chibi Creator

    Create your own chibi character in this kawaii avatar game! there's a huge variety of items and colors in several categories: go for a more realistic look for male or female chibis or design a cute fantasy outfit - it's all about your creativity. customize the hairstyle, clothes, body, accessories or background and impress your friends with your styling skills. hit the randomizer to get some inspiration and have hours of fun with this adorable dress up game!
  • Baby Hazel Fishing Time
    Baby Hazel Fishing Time

    Yuppie! It is time to go fishing! Today Baby Hazel's uncle is going to take our little angel for fishing. So she is very busy getting ready for the new adventure. Do you want to go fishing with Baby Hazel and Uncle John? If yes, first of all you need to help Baby Hazel to pack required essentials for fishing. Then be with them while they do fishing together. Keep Baby Hazel and Uncle John happy by fulfilling their needs on time. Happy fishing with Baby Hazel!!
  • Legendary Fashion: Cleopatra
    Legendary Fashion: Cleopatra

    Let's travel to Ancient Egypt, and discover the beautiful story of Cleopatra. Join the queen of Legendary Fashion and apply the perfect make up, play with the combination of clothes and discover all the egyptian outfits!
  • Chuck Chicken Memory Match
    Chuck Chicken Memory Match

    Match your favorite Chuck Chicken cards, and do it in the shortest amount of time! Discover cool cards featuring Chuck, Flick, Wing as well as nemesis cards including Dr Mingo, Dee, Don, Dex.
  • Stone Age Basic
    Stone Age Basic

    Your goal is to find similar prints and destroy them!
  • Didi and Friends: Connect the Dots
    Didi and Friends: Connect the Dots

    Didi and Friends, popular kids animation with over 1 billion views on the internet is here with a brand new game Connect the dots to reveal interesting objects, animals and characters. Teach your kids and toddlers to connect the dots, and get rewarded with happy smiles from Didi the Chicken and his friends!
  • Flip The Knife
    Flip The Knife

    Flip The Knife is a challenging mouse skill game where it will test your patience! The only goal of this game is to perfectly flip the knife in order to reach the green line. It's challenging in the sense that you need to have a good hand controls.
  • Find in Mind
    Find in Mind

    Train your brain and improve your cognitive abilities with an awesome collection of logic puzzles! in 18 challenging mini games with a total of 3600 levels you can exercise your memory, concentration, logic and reaction skills. collect coins to buy helpful power ups and try to earn 3 stars in every level. focus your attention and improve your mind by playing every day - are you up for the challenge?
  • Don't Mess Up!
    Don't Mess Up!

    This game is ridiculously simple, that it's so difficult. All you need to do, is follow the instructions. If it asks you to tap, you tap. If it asks you to swipe, then swipe! Don't mess it up! Disclaimer: This game will insult your intelligence, and train your reflexes at the same time! Features: - Fun quiz show theme suitable for Millennials and Gen Z - Very fast gameplay. Follow closely, or be left out! - Fans of the Hardest Game will appreciate this
  • Crown and Ambition
    Crown and Ambition

    Follow the adventures of Captain Kirana Asha, as she uncovers dark forces trying to overthrow the beloved King Adler. With your trusty sidekick Evans, choose your actions wisely, as they determine the fate of your kingdom. Will you unravel this mystery and punish the perpetrators?
  • College Love Story
    College Love Story

    Ethan, a new student at this prestigious University, falls in love with this mysterious girl. Join the group and read their conversations. His friends are encouraging him to do what he have to do and push him to have courage in pursuing the girl that he truly loves. Isn't it cute, right?
  • Chat Stories
    Chat Stories

    Chat Stories is an HTML5 game where you will select a scene and make a conversation with your Crazy Rich Boyfriend, during finals scene, or being a newbie on an online dating site. It's on you what to choose between these interesting scenes.
  • Didi and Friends: Guess What?
    Didi and Friends: Guess What?

    Challenge your kids to answer each questions. There will be hidden shapes where you need to match it with the right character. Get rewarded with happy smiles from Didi the Chicken and his friends!
  • Follow the Line
    Follow the Line

    Follow the Line is an easy and simple game that is perfect for killing time. This endless game is all about the pink circle. Move it and follow the white path. The game will increase its speed, so it's going to be very challenging as you progress with this game. Play this game now and start following the line!
  • Math Nerd
    Math Nerd

    Are you good in math? How's your arithmetic nowadays? Getting rusty or you're a math geek? Either way this game will test your math skills. Answer a very simple addition of numbers quickly. This game will also test how fast your reflexes are. Play this game now and see how may questions you'll answer correctly.
  • Jump on Jupiter
    Jump on Jupiter

    Jump on Jupiter is a fun and challenging HTML5 jumping game. Let the spaceman jump around the planet of Jupiter. Avoid the meteoroids that are floating around the planet. Pass through the portals for added points. Earn as many points as you can so you can have your name in the leaderboard!
  • Jumping Burger
    Jumping Burger

    You're a sliding burger with jumping ability. Avoid obstacles such as ketchup bottles, birds and tiny mice as you slide forward, while collecting ingredients to unlock the perfect burger. Ingredients include lettuce, tomato, cheese, burger patties, mushroom and salmon fillets. Grab Chillis to be come temporarily invincible. How far can you go? Features: - Easy to play, hard to master. This game is very challenging.
  • Scratch & Match Animal
    Scratch & Match Animal

    Scratch and match beautifully done cards featuring giraffes, elephants, monkeys, tigers, rabbits, cheetahs, polar bears and elephants. You have 3 minutes to scratch and match the animal cards. Beat the time and your high score!