Friv kids

  • Kids R'Us
    Kids R'Us

    What would you say if you had the power to cheer up one lucky child on the 1st of June, International Children's Day, by turning his room into that Toys"R"Us-themed bedroom that he's always dreamed about? Test your decoration skills and see what lovely chic, colorful pieces of furniture and cute, awesome toys you could liven up his dream bedroom with!

  • Kids Adventure
    Kids Adventure

    Jump around platforms and beat this monster. Enjoy the adventure of young kid who is up to save the world.

  • Kids vs Ice Cream
    Kids vs Ice Cream

    Stupid kids are wrecking the ice cream truck! Pelt them kids with globs of ice cream until they let go! Fortunately, upgrades abound, from more powerful ice cream cannons to a red hot cinnamon paint job for your truck!

  • Kids Coloring Car's
    Kids Coloring Car's

    Use your pen to make this car colorful and beautiful.

  • Kids in the Garden
    Kids in the Garden

    These kids are lucky, because their house’s garden is like a park with old trees and a beautiful slide to play on. What can they expect more? More sunny days to have fun! Well, this is one of these days! Choose outfits for them and make sure they don’t catch cold!

  • Kids Deviled Egg
    Kids Deviled Egg

    Deviled eggs or eggs mimosa are hard-boiled eggs cut in half and filled with the hard-boiled egg's yolk mixed with different ingredients. Deviled eggs are usually served cold. They are served as a side dish, appetizer or a main course, and are a common holiday or party food. Easter eggs are commonly made into deviled eggs.

  • Kids Next Door
    Kids Next Door

    You must build the power core to prepare for attack against D.C.F.D.T.L. Locate the SPLANKER (Solid Loaded Artillery Nicely Kick Enemy Rear) to break the glass around levers and for your final battle against toilenator.

  • Kids Arrow
    Kids Arrow

    Get the high score by reaching target in every level using limited number of arrows within given time duration.

  • Kids Zoo Pole
    Kids Zoo Pole

    Do you like to go to the zoo? Then you should know that all animals need a care. Therefore, your main task is to do everything that northern animals feel comfortable and well. Ready? Then go to the adventures of a real Pole!

  • Diner Kids
    Diner Kids

    Selling ice creams is a great way to get kids' attention! Choose a hut, upgrade it with decorations, add seats and try to earn money to buy new huts. Click on the arrows in the menu and build your own strategy to take over the Diner Kids!

  • The Avenger Kids
    The Avenger Kids

    Ready to join the greatest heroes of the Earth? Choose your costume, maybe a new haircut and find a way to get really strong. When you're ready, go along with the other hero kids, and fight the world's enemies!

  • Little Kids Business
    Little Kids Business

    Buy the materials, build the stand, prepare the ingredients and get ready to sell lemonade! Be a little kid growing a business!

  • Mahjong Kids
    Mahjong Kids

    A classic Mahjong game where you have to match pairs of identical tiles to remove them of the board and reveal the tiles under or next to them. The game is over when you have no more identical tiles or you remove all tiles from the stage.When the game is over submit your score !

  • Happy Kids
    Happy Kids

    Make the kids to ger ready to leave for the school happily! Invite and make the kid to brush, bath and to comb his/her hair, and also to have breakfast. Remember! You will have to provide the kid's desired item before beginning to start each of the said work. Click on the kid, and then the glowing spot to move the kid to a particular spot. If you have completed all the process, click on the arrow symbol to make the kid reach the bus. Attain target in each level within the given duration and proceed to higher levels.

  • Kids Playroom
    Kids Playroom

    Decorate Kids play room to get a stunning look with the household objects. Use hint option to know the ideal arrangement pattern.

  • Sonicare for kids
    Sonicare for kids

    Your objective is cleaning your teeths to have a healthy mouth. Maintain pressed the mouse-left button to use your teeth brush and eliminate all the non-healthy elements from the teeth.

  • Kids Island
    Kids Island

    In this RPG/Survival MiniQuest game your task is to find matches and an Axe. Don't freeze to death and fix the bridge and get off the island!
  • Piano for Kids
    Piano for Kids

    Piano for Kids Game, invites children to very enjoyable and audio media with colorful interface. By means of this game children can both learn syllable and recognize the sounds of animals. Children will both learn the sounds and develop their skills. Morever at ‘Piano for Kids Game‘ there are these instruments such as: – Quitar allows acoustic string sounds. – Violin allows you to creat sounds. – Piano allows you to show your skills with your fingers. – Flute allows you to creat sounds blown generated. – 4 Selectable songs. – Natural sounds tone the sounds of animals in the nature.

  • Kids Mahjong
    Kids Mahjong

    Combine 2 free stones to remove them from the game.

  • Kissing Kids
    Kissing Kids

    Help Jack to kiss Sasha when no one notice them. Beware of their friends around them. Do not kiss while the friends notice them. Wait for the right moment and kiss to complete every level. Explore all the three levels to complete the game. Have fun.

  • Turbo Kids
    Turbo Kids

    A runner game with a twist and tons of features - upgrades, achievements, unlockable power-ups, championship mode (to unlock and upgrade power-ups and win the main prize) and unlockable big marathon mode (to compete for scores with the world).

  • Kids Secrets
    Kids Secrets

    Behind these pictures are small differences. Can you find them? They are fun designs for you to play with. A game that is fun and educational because it will help you improve your observation and concentration skills. You have 10 levels and 7 differences, for each level you have one minute to finish the same.
  • Crossword For Kids
    Crossword For Kids

    There are three books and each of it has numbers on it. Look for the number which is not seen to the other, there's one for every book. Find those number before the time runs out.