• Princess Caring For Baby Princess 2
    Princess Caring For Baby Princess 2

    Are you ready to babysit the cutest baby princess in the world girls? Jasmine is going to be gone all night long and she needs a nice babysitter for baby Jasmine, someone who really loves playing and caring for babies. You will have to prepare cute baby Jasmine for bed, and you will have to give her a bath. Once you washed her make sure to dry her off and feed her, then put the cute baby to sleep and give her her favorite toys. In the morning you have to feed her and then it's time for you girl to play, because baby Jasmine loves playing so much. Have fun!
  • Princess Pac
    Princess Pac

    Help Princess Pac collect all of the glass slippers to win the heart of the heart of the Charming Prince.
  • Looking like a Princess
    Looking like a Princess

    Have you ever wondered how a princess wardrobe looks like? Play this game and discover a wide range of royal dresses and accessories. Create a unique princess look and share it with your friends!
  • How to be a Princess
    How to be a Princess

    Among so many girls who auditioned for the school play, Naomi was chosen to be the princess! But the most popular girl of the school still cannot accept it! She keeps mocking Naomi all the time, saying there's no way she could look elegant enough to meet the expectations of the crowd. But she is wrong! Naomi has an outstanding natural beauty which only needs a tip or two to shine! Come on, bring out the light she already has with an incredible facial and makeup!
  • The Princess on the Pea
    The Princess on the Pea

    Know how to tell the difference between a real princess and a fake one? There's only one way to find out...
  • Pea Princess
    Pea Princess

    Play fun puzzle games for girls with pea princess.
  • Princess Cupcake
    Princess Cupcake

    Arianna, Trina and Emma are very fond of baking cakes. They treat cakes to all their friends. Join princesses as they choose outfits and cup cakes.
  • Cycling Little Princess
    Cycling Little Princess

    What a lovely weather for cycling! It is bright and warm outside, but not very hot. Brianna asked her friends out for a cycling trip and they are going to join her after a while. Help Brianna get ready by choosing comfortable and cute outfits for her!

  • Cursed Princess
    Cursed Princess

    Help the cursed princess on her way to create the loyal army of vampires. As the curse is transmitted by the bite to the neck you probably know what you have to do...

  • Aztec Princess
    Aztec Princess

    Our fantasy themed dress up game is the time machine you need for this magical trip, so just get it started girls and get ready to meet one of the most beautiful and sophisticated Aztec princess living in the Valley of Mexico. Then put your fashion skills to a major test while playing this fantasy dress up game and try to put together a lovely outfit for our beautiful princess to wear today, pairing it up with the right pair of shoes, arm wears, belts, chains and hair accessories. Enjoy!

  • My Princess Daum
    My Princess Daum

    Gorgeous princess dress, Q version, very much.
  • Princess in the Big City
    Princess in the Big City

    Princess Life in The Big City will be pretty exciting so join her and make sure her look is stylish enough to make it in an urban environment! But she needs a cool modern look to have a chance here. Start by styling her hair with fashionable braids, buns and ponytails and you can even dye it blue or purple. Accessorize with sunglasses, sea stars in her hair and seashell earrings, a cute handbag and lots of bracelets. Have loads of fun!

  • Modern Day Princess
    Modern Day Princess

    The princess Danielle today had received three love letters. Can you help her to prepare for
  • Princess Tutu
    Princess Tutu

    Ahiru was an ordinary duck. But she received a magic medallion from an amiable genius Drosselmeier. Since that time she became a human. Help her to get ready for a ballet show – choose nice clothes and accessories.

  • Little Princess Laundry
    Little Princess Laundry

    The little princess is playing with her unicorn. Suddenly the unicorn splashed mud and water all over her dress! Could you help the little princess wash her dirty clothes and pick a new outfit for her? Have fun!
  • Princess Aurora
    Princess Aurora

    Hello kids! We have a brand new game for you! In this game, we'll give you two Princess Aurora pictures and ask you to find the differences between them. There are 10 differences and 4 levels, you have 1 minute for each level. But be careful, even though the differences give you 100 points, every wrong click will take 10 points from you. Have fun!

  • Princess Mom Salon
    Princess Mom Salon

    This beautiful princess mommy wants to have some relaxing activity. So, she decided to go to the salon and have herself a good facial and body spa. After the spa session, she needs to have a stunning swimsuit outfit. She needs your help to achieve all of these, can you help her?
  • Princess VS Witch
    Princess VS Witch

    The handsome prince had been seized by witch,the princess decided to save the prince, let us help her!
  • Adorable Princess
    Adorable Princess

    Bonnibel is a magical princess. She may look sweet, but she has the power of the elements on her side, and isn't afraid to use them!
  • Princess Wedding
    Princess Wedding

    Would you like to help Marina get ready for her fairy tale like dream? She will get married by the sea, with just her family and close friends. She wants to wear whatever she likes instead of the traditional white classic bridal. So she chose several dresses for the special day, but still can't decide exactly which one she wants to wear! Help her make her mind!
  • Princess Tea Time
    Princess Tea Time

    Princess Aria is planning a tea party with her friends. As the hostess, she wants to look perfect and glamorous. Could you help her choose the most elegant dress and give her a great makeup? Have fun!
  • Princess Cupcakes
    Princess Cupcakes

    If you are a Diseny fan, you definitely have to try this princess cupcake recipe! It's easy, delicious and most important, it's Disney Pincess themed! Follow the instructions in game and make the cupcakes step by step. Use your talent to decorate your princess cupcakes. Have fun!
  • New Princess Bedroom
    New Princess Bedroom

    Beautiful summer is coming. Cute girl Jenny loves to decorate her bedroom again. So many beautiful furniture, she is selecting her favorite ones. Come to help her. Pretty bed, sofa and wardrobe are necessary. Decorate a beautiful and comfortable bedroom for Jenny!