• Free Will
    Free Will

    The first game ever to realistically incorporate the concept of free will.

  • Ski Free
    Ski Free

    Ski down the mountain side, avoiding obstacles & hitting rainbow jumps for air. Beware of Sasquatch.

  • Free Car Run
    Free Car Run

    You just took money bags from the bank and now in your run away car, but you are on the wrong side of the road, and today there happens to be many crazy people on the road! Be on the look out for them!

  • No Free Will
    No Free Will

    "No Free Will" is what it sounds like. You're set in a pixelized black and white world with only the ability to jump and solve puzzles. This game is a short, puzzle/reaction platformer with a quirky yet deep story.

  • Free Mars
    Free Mars

    Free the planet Mars from hostile intruders!

  • Circus.Free!

    Since your performance doesn’t cost money, you need to take care about your cash by yourself

  • Apollo 69 FREE
    Apollo 69 FREE

    The very best ‘put a hamster in a cannon and shoot him as far as you can’ game. Check out this FREE version with UNLIMITED ENERGY. It’s easy to play, simply aim and fire! Get to try out some of the equipment, cannons, rockets, explosives and gear to help you fly faster and further. Apollo 69 is a unique and original flight action ‘distance game’, in which the player shoots a cute happy hamster out of a cannon or a catapult to travel as far a distance as possible. There are lots of ground features that your hamster can bounce off including a ‘Jack in the Box’, gift wrapped presents and numerous launch cannons and catapults to use along the way. This addictive distance game has gorgeous graphics, mulitple levels, power ups and delivers hours of fun. Look out for it on your favorite game websites, Facebook, Android and soon on Apple mobile devices.

  • Circus Free!
    Circus Free!

    Since your performance doesn’t cost money, you need to take care about your cash by yourself

  • Free Souls
    Free Souls

    Attempts in the email action game Free Souls to free the trapped souls in glasses. Use your mouse to shoot and to the disposable glasses to destroy them. But beware: you only have a certain number of ammunition available. From Level 3 obstacles will be added that it is important to deal with confidence. If you need help, look at the solution video.

  • Free Race
    Free Race

    Have fun with this 3D racing game emulation style-like 8 bits arcade.

  • Free Rider 3
    Free Rider 3

    Create, share and play your own bike tracks!

  • Free To Glow
    Free To Glow

    Dr. Shinozuki captured the fireflies for a deadly evil plan. Free the fireflies from his capture by solving some puzzles...

  • Free Board
    Free Board

    Keep your timer from reaching zero by using your reflexes to guide your snowboarder through gates while avoiding rocks and trees! Hit jumps and do spins for extra points!

  • Free Fred
    Free Fred

    Your pet shark named Fred has been kidnapped and now is being transported to the zoo. You must save your toothy friend as quickly as possible – otherwise it will be already late. Shoot the convoying ships with a cannon and hurry up!

  • Free Icecrem
    Free Icecrem

    Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free ice cream. Escape without dying.

  • Free The Fish
    Free The Fish

    These cute innocent fishes have been chained with iron chains. Can you help them by shooting cannonballs at the chains to free them?

  • ATV Free Trail
    ATV Free Trail

    An ultimate racing game is up to ride now, ride all the urban tracks with the latest ATV and finish all the ten levels.Collect the coins and reach the finish without crashing your ATV.

  • Free Kicker
    Free Kicker

    You have 10 attempts to score a goal. Use the mouse to place the player inside the zone for the kick. Watch the wind direction before to kick.

  • 3G Free Kick
    3G Free Kick

    Pick the angle, turn, and speed kick the soccer ball. Try to score and passed the goal keeper.

  • Free Slow
    Free Slow

    Score as many basket as you can.

  • Free Mahjong
    Free Mahjong

    Play online Mahjong and test your skills, strategies and calculations on a 136 tile game board.

  • Running Free
    Running Free

    It’s a stick figure platform game! Run..! Instructions Left and Right Arrow to run Up Arrow to jump
  • Free Rally
    Free Rally

    A fun driving game where you can test drive different types of vehicle in 3D environment! You have huge playing area, other players which will try to crash your car, jumping over highways, demolishing all kinds of vehicles from BMW across minivan to a bus, and last but not least, races without any rules . Do you like any of these activities? So come try it yourself and you will see that this game offers much more than this and that you will do not want to play anything else! Have fun.
  • Free Rally 2
    Free Rally 2

    Here's the most anticipated sequel of the WebGL driving game Free Rally! This part two is packed with more action and a new map to play in. Roam around the city or compete in a race with other players of the game. Choose from a long list of vehicles that you can drive. There are cars, motorcycles, buggy, trucks and even a helicopter. You can also be the police and stop all the speeding vehicles and it's game over for them. This game will definitely give you that fun you've been looking for. Play now and start driving crazy!